Salvia Officinalis. We meet it all over Greece with various names such as Faskomilia, Aliphakia, Faskos, Elelifaskos.
Sage as astringent, stimulant and tonic. It induces heat in the stomach, facilitates digestion, increases diuresis, speeds up circulation, exerts a significant effect on the brain, and mitigates nervous system irritation as an anticonvulsant and sedative medicine.
 It is the classic remedy for inflammation of the mouth, throat and tonsils, since its volatile oils soothe mucosal glands. Can be used internally in oral cavity laundering for inflammation, stomatitis or gingivitis. It has also a significant effect in cases of indigestion.
When it is taken in small doses it is sweating and for this we use it against bronchitis, flu, etc. but if we take it in a larger dose it acts as an antiperspirant and that’s why we use it against night sweats.
Sage stimulates the uterine muscles and should be avoided during pregnancy. It also reduces the production of breast milk.